Welcome on the GDR CNRS 3274 DynQua Quantum Dynamics

Mathematics and physics bi-thematic research group

Supported by INSMI and INP (CNRS)
Coordinators N. Anantharaman, J.M. Bouclet, B. Douçot, F. Hérau


(Last update March 27th, 2021)



  • Some new positions (PhD, MCF, post docs, opportunities, tenure tracks...) are listed below (sometimes with very short deadlines).
  • Some workshop and conferences coming and/or supported by the GDR are listed below
  • Mensual seminar Spectral problems in mathematical physics at IHP, beginning of each month, in online mode.

Some coming workshops, schools and conferences

  • A conference "Schrodinger equations" will take place in Le Croisic from 24th to 28th of May. more information on the web site of the conference.
  • The conference "multiscale problems in Mathematical physics" will happen in Angers, France from june 14th to 18th. It is part of the semester "Mathematical Physics en Geometry" of the Henir Lebesgue Center". Program available and registration open on the website of the conference.
  • The summer School Masterkesm "From kinetic equations to statistical mechanics", will happen from the 28th of June to the 2nd of July, 2021 in Saint-Jean-De-Monts. It is organized by F. Hérau, L. Michel and K. Pravda-Starov and is part of the semester "Mathematical Physics en Geometry" of the Henir Lebesgue Center". Program available and registration open on the website of the conference.
  • An online Graduate School within the ANR RAW Project (Random operators Arising in the study of random Walks) will be organized on June 28, 29 and July 5-7, with 4h of lectures every day. It is organized by Hakim Boumaza, Constanza Rojas-Molina and Xiaolin Zeng.
  • A conference "analyse des EDP" in honor of Patrick Gerard will take place at Orsay, from 28th of June to 2th of July, 2021, organized by Ramona Anton, Valeria Banica, Nicolas Burq, Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer, Sahbi Keraani, Camille Laurent et Luc Miller. Registration is free but mandatory
  • The next conference AMS-EMS-SMF will take place in Grenoble in July 2021.  

Some available jobs, postdoctoral positions and doctoral grants

  • Agrégé préparateur position open in september 2021 in ENS Rennes (3years renewable one time) with open profile but a particular attention given to candidates in analysis or randomness. All information here, be careful very short deadline for application (21th of May 2021).
  •  (Job opening for a W1 professor position for Mathematical Methods of Quantum Theory at Tuebingen. This is a so-called junior professor position for up to six years without tenure track. Candidates are expected to have some postdoctoral experience. Deadline for application is May 7, 2021.
  • A 1+1 years Postdoctoral position is open in Lille, starting september 2021, within the team PARADYSE (PARticles And DYnamical SystEms) at Inria institute in Lille (France). Contact:  marielle.simon@inria.fr
  • two Maîtres de Conférence Positions are open in Centre Physique Théorique, Université de Toulon, starting september 2021.
  • Ph.D. postion in Univ. of Stockholm in math. physics/analysis : Stockholm University of Mathematical Physics/Analysis is offering a thesis announcement. This is a 4-5 year position with starting salary 27 000 SEK(approximately 2 700 EUR). More info here http://www.math.su.se/english/about-us/vacant-positions and https://plmbox.math.cnrs.fr/f/fc4aee8ff86a472c81a8/. deadline for application : 23th of April 2021.
  • A Post-Doc position in Mathematical Physics, 12 or 18 months, open in Besançon. Application deadline : April 30, 2021, Starting date : between July 2021 and January 2022, upon mutual agreement.
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