Welcome on the GDR CNRS 3274 DynQua Quantum Dynamics

Mathematics and physics bi-thematic research group

Supported by INSMI and INP (CNRS)
Coordinators N. Anantharaman, J.M. Bouclet, B. Douçot, F. Hérau


(Last update December 12th, 2020)



  • The next Annual Conference of GDR Dynqua will happen in Dijon, from 10th to 12th of Marsh 2021. Registration open on the website of the conference. Save the date !
  • Some new positions (PhD, MCF, post docs, opportunities, tenure tracks...) are listed below (sometimes with very short deadlines).
  • Some workshop and conferences coming and/or supported by the GDR are listed below
  • Mensual seminar Spectral problems in mathematical physics at IHP, beginning of each month, in online mode.

Some coming workshops, schools and conferences

  • The annual "Conférence Intinérante du GDR EDP", supported also by DynQua, and part of the Lebesgue semester "Mathematical Physics and Geometry" will take place in Nantes from 20th to 22th of January 2021 (be careful the dates have changed,3 courses by Anne-Laure Dalibard, Raphaël Danchin and Thomas Duyckaerts, 5 talks). Support available for young researchers. Registration is open on the website of the conference.
  • The next GDR dynqua annual conference will take place in Dijon from Marsh 10 to 12, 2021. It will be organized by Simona Rota Nodari (Université de Bourgogne), Julien Sabin (Université Paris Sud), Jonas Lampart (CNRS & Université de Bourgogne) and Loïc Le Treust (Université d'Aix-Marseille). Registration open on the website of the conference.
  • Summer School Masterkesm "From kinetic equations to statistical mechanics", organized by F. Hérau, L. Michel and F. Hérau at Saint Jean-de-Monts, part of the semester "Mathematical Physics en Geometry" of the Henir Lebesgue Center". Program and registration soon open here.
  • A conference "analyse des EDP" in honor of Patrick Gerard will take place at Orsay, from 28th of June to 2th of July, 2021, organized by Ramona Anton, Valeria Banica, Nicolas Burq, Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer, Sahbi Keraani, Camille Laurent et Luc Miller. Registration is free but mandatory
  • The next conference AMS-EMS-SMF will take place in Grenoble in July 2021.  

Some available jobs, postdoctoral positions and doctoral grants

  • A 2-year post-doctoral position in spectral theory, microlocal analysis and dynamical systems at the University of Nantes coordinated by Gabriel Rivière. Funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche through the PRC project Randomness, dynamics and spectrum. No international experience required. Deadline: January 20th 2021. Open on the website of the Henri Lebesgue Center.
  • Several post-doctoral positions open at the Centre Henri Lebesgue (Rennes-Nantes-Angers-Vannes-Brest) and its partners (Region Bretagne, Région Pays de la Loire and local projects). More info and application forms here. These positions are for 2 years, deadline for application on the CHL website : 15 of january 2021.
  • Doctoral positions open for next year at Toulouse III Université (thanks to EUR MINT project). Open to students form France or abroad. 
  • 3-years junior researcher position (RTD-A) in mathematical physics funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant (project "Universality in Condensed Matter and Statistical Mechanics", PI: Alessandro Giuliani). deadline for application : Dec 3, 2020. Link to the call.
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