Welcome on the GDR CNRS 3274 DynQua Quantum Dynamics

Mathematics and physics bi-thematic research group

Supported by INSMI and INP (CNRS)
Coordinators N. Anantharaman, J.M. Bouclet, B. Douçot, F. Hérau


(Last update July 19th, 2021)



  • The 14th conference 2022 of the GDR dynqua will take place in Toulouse from 23 to 25th of February 2022, save the date !
  • Some new positions (PhD, MCF, post docs, opportunities, tenure tracks...) are listed below (sometimes with very short deadlines).
  • Some workshop and conferences coming and/or supported by the GDR are listed below
  • Mensual seminar Spectral problems in mathematical physics at IHP, beginning of each month, in online mode.

Some coming workshops, schools and conferences

Some available jobs, postdoctoral positions and doctoral grants

  • A postdoc position is open in Institut Mathématique de Toulouse (within the ANR QTraj) beginning 2022 in quantum trajectories, quantum measurements, random quantum states, large deviation principle for processes, non-commutative semigroup analysis, non-commutative functional inequalities. The announcement is  here.
  • A postdoc position is available for 18 months starting from October 1st 2021 at the Charles Gerhardt Institute of Montpellier (France), in the new departement "Chimie Physique Théorique et Modélisation". Applications should be sent to bruno.senjean@umontpellier.fr including a Complete Scientific CV and 1 or 2 reference letters (to be sent directly to bruno.senjean@umontpellier.fr by the person that recommends the candidate). deadline for submitting an application is September 1st 2021.
  • at the TU Dortmund there is an opening for a postdoc or PhD student in partial differential equations and stochastics. Further information including the required profile can be inferred from the website: https://www.mathematik.tu-dortmund.de/lsix/positions.php or by sending an email with the subject: "application 2021" to the email address
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